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‘What’s For Dinner?

The Walking Through Grief Society hosted ‘What’s For Dinner; Healthy Eating As We Age’ at the Kitscoty Senior’s Centre on November 18.

Community dietitian, Caroline McAuley, led a speech and PowerPoint presentation while cooking a nutritional recipe.

Approximately 20 people participated and enjoyed refreshments and learning new recipes and tips to take home. Overall they reviewed cooking for one and ways to get in their nutrients and simplify cooking as they age.

“I came looking for snack ideas, but there’s nothing that wasn’t useful to take away. It was very well done,” said Jessie Nowasad. “We discussed protein foods and learned how to cook peas, beans, and lentils. It was very informative and we were given a lot of tips. You just can’t learn enough and get stuck in the same eating habits, it is nice to have new ideas.”

The group reviewed vitamins, recommended cookbooks, and ways to make meal plans. They discussed what they may need to do differently including portions and freezing, as well as time-saving appliances and sheet pan meals. Because they were cooking during the session, each of the participants were able to take home a sample of the Beef and Barley Chili and McAuley said, “It’s high in fibre. I’d like to thank Walking Through Grief for sponsoring the event and the Cornerstone Co-op for donating the food.”

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