Celebrating A New Fire Truck



 From left, County Councillor Richard Wagner, Mannville Mayor Rick Smith, Mannville Fire Chief Dez Shubert, County Fire Chief Mike Fundytus, County Reeve Roger Konieczny, and
County Councillor Eric Anderson. Photos Angela Mouly


County of Minburn and Village of
Mannville residents celebrated the arrival
of a new fire truck at the Mannville Fire
Department on July 9.
Deliberating since last year on how
they wanted to improve, the Mannville Fire
Department specified and handpicked
modifications for their newest emergency
unit. The department is extremely grateful
for the large investment on behalf of
the County of Minburn, with contributions
and sponsorship from the Village of
Mannville, ATCO, and Alliance Pipeline.
The total cost of truck 920 was
$218,000, and it will be used for highway
operations as well as on medical and
rescue calls.
“This truck brings monumental
changes to our department. One of the
biggest advantages is that with a winch
and every truck having a Firefox it offsets
manpower with technology so that one
person can operate the truck. Inside
there is a remote control to operate the
pump and bumper control which helps
with occupational health and safety, and
as a first responding unit, the truck is
equipped with a thermal imager and all
LED lights,” said Dez Shubert, Mannville
Fire Chief.
Shubert went on to explain that keeping
it lightweight was a goal to avoid
getting stuck in the field where fires are.
Having worked with firefighters from
London, Shubert incorporated some
European design including dual reels
with a mid-pressure pump that runs a
recommended 450 PSI and maximum
600 PSI. The truck has an upper walkway
and a winterization package with a diesel
heater and houses all of their wild land
equipment, rescue tools, stars equipment,
and a full basic life support service
unit. The Waterax pump can run .01 per
cent foam at very high pressures and is
widely recognized across North America,
so if there is ever a need for parts, they
will be easy to acquire.
The Department requested that the
cab have hands free Bluetooth so that
by running software from each member’s
phone, anyone coming to the call can
find the truck or the person operating
the truck can find out how far away other
members are. They also requested a
particular type of scene light which they
are very happy with. Without even turning
on the truck, the LED light emits 80,000
lumens from a 12-volt battery, and having
no generator allows less noise and less
weight on the truck.
“Ninety-nine per cent of what we do
ends up being done with our lightweight
trucks. The new V-10 is so much lighter
than the Diesel, which is a big advantage
and often allows fires to be put out before
the big trucks arrive,” concluded Shubert.
“What they have done has changed
quite a bit from the old style and looks
really nice,” said Cheryl Anderson.
Residents enjoyed cake and refreshments
and even tried out some of the
Jody Quickstad, CAO of the Village
of Mannville said, “This truck is a terrific
asset for Mannville and area to fight fires
and provides emergency response. It is
nice to partner with the County, and we
appreciate their initiative and cooperation.”


 Truck 920, the newest addition to the Mannville Fire Department.

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