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Turmoil In Trinity And WISDOM

Tim and Maighread Axe from Clandonald, Alberta along with their children on October 29.

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At 6:59 p.m. on October 25, Tim and Maighread Axe's phone rang for an Alberta Education automated call informing them that Trinity Christian School Association’s (TCSA) accreditation had been cancelled and their homeschooling division, WISDOM Home Schooling (WHS) had been shut down.

The message also urged them to register immediately with someone else, invited them to stay on the line for a town hall meeting following a musical interlude, and then hung up leaving only the drone of a dial tone.

TCSA in Cold Lake has offered homeschooling programs through WHS out of Derwent, for 21 years. With approximately 3,500 homeschooling students, amounting to nearly one third of all homeschooled children in Alberta, and their parents suddenly without a school program, the effects of this decision are being felt throughout the entire province.

Speculation of findings from Alberta Education Minister, David Eggen’s office regarding the school board’s financial audit is rampant online.

As of October 27, WHS has sought legal counsel and will be opposing the removal of TCSA’s accreditation in court.

Many parents were in uproar upon receiving an automated phone call as their only notification from the government.

“During that call, a lot of pressure was put on parents to immediately get students registered somewhere else. We were shocked with the suddenness of the decision,” said Maighread.

“Our experience with WISDOM has been a very positive one, and since enrolling our children there, our whole family has benefited from the decision,” said Tim.

With thousands of families left vulnerable part way through the school term, many local families are choosing to support their trusted school board.

“Wisdom’s many programs, resources, ongoing support, and consistent encouragement have been very helpful to us. We are supportive of the reinstatement of CTSA and WHS,” said Tim.

For more information, you can visit or To sign a petition to oppose the government’s recent decision, you can visit ‘’ or ‘’.

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