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Habitat for Humanity Dodge Dart up for grabs

A bright white 2015 Dodge Dart is currently up for grabs with the Vermilion Adopt-A-Home Raffle. Five hundred tickets have been printed, and one lucky winner will walk away with the keys to a spanking new sporty ride.

“It’s a cool car and who wouldn’t like to win a car for 50 bucks! We purchased the car at a greatly reduced price ($12,000) from Vermilion Chrysler.

We will be having days at the Vermilion Co-op and the Lakeland Mall where we will bring the car out for display so people can see the car, and decide if they would like to purchase a ticket. When the raffle is over, we are all of our fundraisings! And we are going to have a big party,” said the relieved Habitat of Humanity Chair, Linda Jacejko.

Jacejko also added that the family who adopted the Habitat for Humanity home last year are well settled in now, and all of the work on the house has been completed.

"The Vermilion community has two Habitat for Humanity homes now. Your money always stays in the community when you donate money to the Habitat for Humanity.

I would like to thank everyone in the community, who donated or volunteered their time to this project, and I would also like to thank The Vermilion Voice for all their press, it was greatly appreciated," said Jacejko.

Vermilion Chrysler General Manager Mike Matthews said that Chrysler is always happy to help the community out any way they can.

“We were happy to supply the car for this raffle, if it supports Vermilion - then we want to do our best to give back,” said Matthews.

The car is currently on display outside Vermilion Chrysler, and the winner will be drawn on March 31 at Vermilion Chrysler.

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