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Getting In Shape? Do It Right!

Get in shape the right way by choosing an activity you like and that’s appropriate for your physical condition.

This is it: you’ve promised yourself to get in shape, and you’re determined to follow through. Here are five crucial steps for fitness success. Skipping even one of these would be a major slip-up that could set you up to fail.

1. Set goals

Having clear goals and tracking your progress will keep you motivated.

Give yourself specific (and realistic) targets that aren’t exclusive to weight loss.

2. Be well equipped

Hockey, tennis, Zumba — whatever your sport of choice is, be sure you have the right equipment to avoid injuries. Ladies — a sports bra is a must!

3. Choose the right training

Opt for a sport that you enjoy and that’s suited to your physical condition. Choose lessons that are targeted to your skill level or have a professional create a personalized workout routine for you.

4. Eat right and stay hydrated

Make sure you’re giving your body the nutrients and energy it needs, and don’t exercise right after a meal. Drink water before, during and after your workout; your muscles will thank you.

5. Warm up

Our most important tip! Warming up and stretching are crucial steps to prepare your body for the upcoming effort.

Don’t overdo it by exercising too much (either too intensely or too often). Take it progressively and, above all, listen to your body! It’s the best way to stay motivated and avoid getting hurt.

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