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The ‘Rembetika Hipsters’

Chilling melodies accompanied lyrics that told Greek stories of struggle during the “Rembetika Hipsters’ performance at the Vermilion Folk Club on February 25.

The group of passionate musicians including Nikos Diochnos, Allen Baekland, Lincoln Frey, Giorgos Iosifelis, Jonathan Lewis and new member Robin Tufts played a range of originals and covers.

The bouzouki instrument was used along with several others to create classic Greek music. Songs tweaked a range of different moods including lamenting middle-eastern rhythms, and upbeat blues-island tunes.

“We actually prefer playing on a small stage because it enables us to be relaxed and get to know the people a lot better,” said Allen Baekland.

The evening was enjoyed by many as the ‘Rembetika Hipsters’ had the audience clapping along and even had a few of the locals up dancing.

“We would like to thank the community for supporting our evening of live music,” said the Vermilion Folk Club’s Gwen Gochee.

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