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Being A Hockey Mom Is Hard Work But Totally Worth It

Hockey Mom On The Road

Carla Myshaniuk pictured with her two children Landon and Kailey Geall.

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Hockey mom Carla Myshaniuk has her three children in minor hockey this year, and she says it is busy on the road every weekend during hockey season.

“It’s great. I love the social aspect to it, you get to chat with other parents in the stands, and we get to talk about our kids. It can get very passionate. Sometimes parents from opposing teams can get very feisty,” laughs Myshaniuk, who works at Hardy Financial in Vermilion.

Despite the long hours driving up and down the Province to hockey games as far away as Olds and Rosetown, this hockey mom says it’s all worth it.

“Watching the game is the best part of being a hockey mom. You get to scream out proudly or cowbell in happiness when your child scores a goal, and you get to be there and watch it happen, and there are lots of hugs and high fives from the teammates and other parents.

Myshaniuk says the biggest expense is the gas because of all the driving to games.

“Last weekend I filled up my car three times. I don’t find the gear too expensive because the children can pass it on to the next and it last a long time. The sticks break a lot, so you are constantly buying sticks. Fast food is expensive too when you are on the road every weekend, so we try to picnic as much as we can. You get sick of rink burgers by the end of the year that’s for sure.

If your kid is constantly winning, like mine is right now, then you will be on the road even more with playoffs. My eldest daughter has five games in the next week,” said Myshaniuk.

She added that as crazy and hectic as hockey is she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“My children love the sport and watching them participate in a sport they love makes me so proud of them.” she said.

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