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Town Manager Dion Pollard Leaves Vermilion

Town Manager Dion Pollard Says Farewell To Vermilion.

(Pictured) Pollard will start his new position as City Manager for Lacombe in April.

Photo Marie Conboy

Town Manager Dion Pollard announced last week that he would be leaving his position at the Town of Vermilion to start a new position as the City Manager at the Town of Lacombe in April.

Pollard said it was not an easy choice for him and his family to make.

“Vermilion is a great community, and it has been a great place to raise our kids and a great place to work,” said Pollard.

Pollard, who began his municipal career with the Town of St. Paul’s Department of Parks and Recreation in 1998, started as the Director of Communications in Vermilion in 2003, until he was promoted to the position of CAO in 2011.

He says he is excited about the new position which will be in a city three times the size of Vermilion with four times as many staff and a police service that operates a city police.

“There will be a lot of similarities in the new job, but it will be on a bigger scale. From a professional standpoint, it’s a nice step up for me. Lacombe is a part of the Province that we always thought would be a nice place to live. It was my first interview for a job in 14 years.

Looking back on my time here, the building of the Vermilion Regional Center is one project that I am proud of. I am also proud of the development of the Town in the last five years that we accomplished as a municipality,” said Pollard.

He says he will be sure to return to Vermilion in the future as the family has a lot family in Lloydminster and that he is confident the Town will find a good replacement.

“I think there are a lot of good people out there to do the job after I leave and I believe the Town will find someone that will come in and do a good job,” added Pollard.

Vermilion Mayor Bruce MacDuff said that he wishes Pollard all the best in his new position but that “it will be very difficult to fill his shoes.”

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