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The 10th Annual Rotary Garage Sale

The 2017 Chairman for the 10th Rotary Garage Sale, Brenda Lee, said the success of the garage sale over the years is staggering and all proceeds raised will stay in the community.

“Last year the sale brought in a gross total of $25,000. Every year we grow, and every year we are surprised. It’s all down to the community who bring us so many great things to sell, and then they come back and shop.

We would be thrilled if we raised the money we made last year, but honestly, I don’t expect we will, that was just over the top! The money raised is generated in this community, so we will continue to make a conscious decision to keep the money raised within the Vermilion community,” said Lee.

Lee says that the Rotary Club plan to commit this year’s funds to the outdoor rink and facility re-enhancement project.

“We always select a local project to support. Last year we supported the landscaping project at the Vermilion Valley Lodge. It’s never hard for us to spend the money we make and we are never short of community projects.

This year we are fully in to donate $25,000 to support the facility re-enhancement project between St. Jerome’s and VES Schools within the next two years. The rink is finished, but the landscaping, drainage and the outdoor courts have yet to be done,” explained Lee.

This year’s Rotary Garage Sale will take place on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of April at the Vermilion Curling Rink.

Lee says that the entire Rotary Garage Sale will be held in the Curling Rink as they have outgrown the Heritage Pavilion Building.

“We have always been in the Heritage Pavilion Building, but we have been pushing the limits of space for several years, so this year the whole garage sale will be located in the Curling Rink. Furniture is always a good seller, and the space in the Curling Rink allows items to be set it up better for selection.

Last year we tracked that we put in 900 volunteer hours from the time that we started setting up the buildings until the time that we were cleaned and moved out,” added Lee.

Vintage collectibles, furniture, knick knacks, and everything from jewellery to paintings are bought, sold and bargained for during the sale.

To inquire about donating, drop-off­ or pick-up items contact Brenda Lee on 780-853-7861 or Debbie Neigum on 780-581-4816.

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