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First Signs Of Spring

First Signs Of Spring

The first lambs of spring open their eyes at the Sheep Barns in Lakeland College.

Photo Marie Conboy

Many aspiring students looking to study agricultural sciences travelled from far and wide to visit the Lakeland College campus for AgCiting on March 10.

The prospective students and their families attended to check out the college facilities on offer and to learn more about Lakeland's agricultural science programs.

Sheep SMF team student Amy McCormack said that despite not growing up on a farm she loves working with sheep and that she hopes for a career working with sheep in the future.

“Last year I was in the calving barn with the students on AgCiting day, and they were able to watch a cow calving first hand, and many of those students are now first-year students. It’s a fun day,” said McCormack.

After talking with instructors about what the course has to offer, students spoke with graduates and current students.

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