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Heartworks Studio Vermilion’s Hidden Gem

The large open windows overlooking the Vermilion Airport runaway create a spacey relaxing feel at the Heartworks Studio.

The sound of Norah Jones plays in the background as Heartworks Art Instructor Cindi Plant lays out materials preparing for her students to arrive for the next class.

Heartworks Studio in Vermilion is located in the old airport building overlooking the airport run way.

Photos Marie Conboy

The walls of the studio are filled with colourful vibrant art work tucked away in the back of the Vermilion Airport building.

Plant said she started Heartworks Studio for her love of teaching, and because she wanted to try a new teaching style. After teaching design at Lakeland College for 30 years she says there is now a new freedom in her work.

“It’s totally different compared to when I was teaching at the college; it was curriculum based and I had a set structure to teach all the time. It’s less restricted here; I do my own thing,” said Plant.

Plant currently teaches Batik Adult Classes and Spring Art Classes for the 7-10 age groups.

“My students are all very interesting. I don’t like to make generalizations about the people who attend my classes; it might be somebody who is intrigued and wants to try something new and there are those who are quite accomplished, and there are those who are looking for a new hobby. It’s just playing, it’s just fun.

The whole premises with the children is to introduce them to a wide variety of art media, it’s more ‘let’s try this, let’s do water colour today. I would say my approach is experimentation.

Art student Alyssa Bodurka learns new techniques at the Heartworks Studio on March 14.

I always have a set lesson but I let my students be free; it’s open ended. I give new projects all the time, I use the same technique but I always try to give my students something different. There are so many talented people in this town,” said Plant.

The Vermilion Library will be showcasing a student art show running from May 9 until the end of May.

Plant also creates her own artwork and will be showing her work at the Vermilion Art Show next month.

If you are interested in Heartworks Art Classes this spring for more information or to register call 780-853-6531 or email

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