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A Dewberry Theater Production To Die For

The cast members of the Dewberry Dinner Theater productions tperformed the play ‘A Family Reunion to Die For’ (copyright by Mike Steele and Matt Steele) to a packed theater at the Dewberry School Gym for the 12th year running on March 24 and 25.

A total cast of 15 people took part in the theater play directed by Cheryl Nawrot.

(From left) Dewberry local Jim MacDonald acts the character of Jim Bob Trump, with Jeff Nelson playing the character of his brother Jethro Trump in the play ‘A Family Reunion to Die For’ at the Dewberry School Gym.

In the play, the Knotting family holds a reunion, and the newlywed Christine Franklin is eager to show off her husband Freddie to the rest of the family. That is, until Aunt Gretchen, cousin Rachel and cousin Stefan all drop dead — victims of murder.

With members of the Knotting family dropping like flies, Christine seems to be the next possible victim. To make matters worse, a thunderstorm has trapped them all in the house together with the murderer, and Freddie must find the killer before his new bride becomes a victim.

The energetic play’s interesting characters received a lot of laughs from the audience. The audience even became involved in trying to figure out who the murderer was.

“It is a very light-hearted murder mystery full of action,” said Orlean Woywitka, who plays the part of one of the lead characters, Christine.

Woywitka said that she related to her character.

“Our main goal when picking a play is to find one that has fast action, and of course lots of Laughs! We love getting into costume and making people laugh, all the while supporting the community of Dewberry!

I play Christine, the newlywed, sassy and pushy wife. She wears the pants! I told my husband I can play this part no problem,” laughed Woywitka.

Everyone enjoyed a meal catered by Kari’s Country Kitchen out of Kitscoty before the show.

The selection committee that starts researching plays late fall and have a play picked for a January start.

Jim MacDonald, who played a red-neck squirrel Jim Bob Trump from, said he had a blast playing his character.

“I watched lots of movies to get my Texas accent perfect. We’re all red-necks one way or another. It’s a good show for such a small community and the mood is always light. Every Village needs an idiot and we volunteered,” laughed MacDonald.

The funds raised from the dinner theatre are donated back into the community of Dewberry.

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