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First Ever Woodworking Show

Vermilion’s first ever Woodworking Show will be held at J. R. Robson School on April 29, from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

“There are a lot of woodworkers around doing some really interesting things,” said Coordinator, Bernie Huedepohl.

The show will allow the public the opportunity to see both student works from local shop classes, and community works from local turners and intarsia projects. Ornate bowls made on lathes, decorative pictures cut from different coloured wood, carvings, and a Dory boat - complete with a 14’ mast will be just some of the projects people can expect to see. Artifacts will have stories alongside them describing their background.

According to Huedepohl, as long as people have decorated, they have worked with wood. He went on to say that Canada is rich with carving traditions, and Northern Europe has a long history with intricate woodworking.

“Everywhere you go in the world; people work wood. Some items are for everyday use, while some are purely for decoration,” said Huedepohl.

The Woodworking Show is open to all cabinet makers and woodworkers of all kinds. Anyone looking for entry forms can contact Bernie Huedepohl at 780-853-2913 or

The show will collect monetary donations, and is open to everyone. Huedepohl would like to call on the community to support their local woodworkers by viewing the range of grand projects.

“You can go in and just appreciate the work that people are doing,” said Huedepohl.

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