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Lakeland Cow Horse, Stock Dog, And Ranch Rodeo Competitions

Grant Wimmer with his dog Queen and horse Charlie, who competed in the Stock Dog Competition at Lakeland College in Vermilion on April 21.

The Lakeland College Equine Centre was buzzing with activity on April 21, as they held a Cow Horse Competition, a Stock Dog Competition, and a Ranch Rodeo.

Professionals, amateurs, and novice riders competed in categories for cutting, and cow-horse events. In the cow-horse events, competitors ran patterns and worked a cow from end to end and circled them both directions.

During the Stock Dog Competition, competitors used vocal commands on horseback to direct their dogs moving cattle in the arena set with a series of panels to show their control. The Stock Dog Club organized the event much like ranchers to promote the handling of livestock and showcase the stockmanship of dogs and horses.

“It is a practical competition; much like sorting pairs on the ranch, and it’s a social thing. We take pride in our dogs,” said competitor and 2nd year Lakeland College Agribusiness student, Grant Wimmer, from Lundar, Manitoba.

Ranch Rodeo competitors, Kate Wheat and Bill Pocock agreed that the sorting and ranch doctoring events use skills that people would at home on the ranch. They both enjoy competing for the fun and social aspect.

“It keeps you off of the couch,” joked Bill Pockock.

From left, Marwayne’s Kate Wheat and Minburn’s Bill Pocock competed in the sorting and ranch doctoring events at Lakeland College’s Ranch Rodeo in Vermilion on April 21.

“It also heightens your skills and develops horsemanship,” added Kate Wheat.

The Equine Marketing students enjoyed organizing the Ranch Rodeo. They were impressed by the local competitors, noting Team 4 (Phil Staden, Larry Baddock, and Jared Harder)sorting nine head in 1:47 minutes.

“Being involved is fun and exciting. I always wanted to plan a rodeo but never understood all of the things required,” said Western Ranch and Cow Horse student, Bree Atchey, from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Ian Hryhidchuk competed in the Open Cow Horse Event at Lakeland College in Vermilion on April 21.

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