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Mosaic In The Works For Canada 150

The Canada 150 Mosaic Mural project was created to unite thousands of paintings from coast to coast in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday this year. Communities are hosting events inviting participants from their region to create their own community mosaic, which will then connect to the nation.

Canada 150 Mosaics

(Pictured) A Mosaic already completed for the Canada 150 celebrations.

Photo credit Canada150 mosaic website

In Vermilion 535 local artists will each be participating in painting 535 4 x 4 inch tiles for the mosaic project.

“This is a national project. We are one of 15 towns in Alberta that will be participating in this project, which is headed by Lewis Lavoie. Fifty artists at any one time will meet at the VES gym to work painting tiles for the mosaic, and each group will work for one hour at a time. On the third day it will be taken to the Stadium. All the supplies will be shipped to VES. Grade 1 - 6 from VES and Grade 1 - 6 from St. Jerome’s School are also on board,” said Chair of the Mosaic Committee, Keri Pullyplank.

When the mosaic is complete it will be placed on the inside of the Vermilion Stadium entrance wall.

“It will be a great way to celebrate our country’s 150th birthday! It will be a lasting momentum of the occasion; it will last for 150 years. The theme of the mosaic is going to be Lakeland College because it is such a big part of our community and heritage,” said Community Services Director for the Town of Vermilion, Sean Bell.

“Alberta became a province in 1905. It is amazing that only three years later in 1908, that the Vermilion Board of Trade lobbied the provincial government for a demo farm and/or an agricultural college. In 1911, the provincial government purchased land west of the Vermilion town site. In 1913, Vermilion School of Agriculture was the first of three Alberta Ag colleges established that year.

This remarkable effort by the Town of Vermilion in 1908 through its Board of Trade has underpinned the industrious climate of Vermilion through the years. Then of course, the fact that the college was used in WW11 to house the Women’s Army Corps so that training could be provided is a tribute to Vermilion’s efforts to support the nation,” explained Pullyplank.

The total mosaic project cost just over $13,000; The Vermilion Rotary Club, the Lion’s Club, Vermilion Senior’s Center and Lakeland College each donated $2,500 and the Town of Vermilion donated over $3,000.

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