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Trout Pond Fully Stocked For Fishing

Fishing enthusiasts can get ready to cast their hooks in the Trout Pond at the Vermilion Provincial Park now that 1650 Rainbow Trout (each 8 inches in size) were released on May 1.

The trout were transported to Vermilion on a truck from Ackenberry Trout Farm in Cold Lake.

Rainbow Trout

As many as 1650 trout were released into the Trout Pond at the Vermilion Provincial Park on May 1.

Photos Marie Conboy

Ackenberry Trout Farms is a supplier of certified disease-free Rainbow Trout fingerlings to stock ponds or lakes.

Vermilion Conservation Officer Gary Walsh said that the Vermilion Trout Pond is now fully stocked and ready for use.

“We restock the pond every year, and it is a project funded by the Alberta Conservation Association.

All you need to fish here is a fishing license. Anyone from the ages of 16 – 65 years old can purchase the license at the Co-op gas station or online for just under $20. There is a catch limit of five fish per day.

The Trout Pond area was donated by Mr. Claude Brennan years ago, he owned and farmed this land and said he would donate the area as long as a Trout Pond was built so people could learn how to catch fish, and this is what it’s all about,” said Walsh.

Vermilion Conservation Officer Gary Walsh works with Ackenberry Trout Farm from Cold Lake stocking the Trout Pond at Vermilion Provincial Park.

The Trout Pond is a man-made lake circled by a paved walking trail, with several benches around the perimeter for a quick rest stop or to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Trout can be caught and cleaned on site at the fish hut.

“There is a lot of food in the pond for the trout to eat all summer long but they do not survive the winters because the ice and snow cover the pond and there is no light getting through to the plants.

It's great that people can enjoy the Vermilion Trout Pond for a fishing excursion. There are many ways to catch trout; a good fly is one way. They are tasty with garlic,” laughed Walsh.

Fishing, anyone?

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