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Marketing Tools To Better Your Business

Kathryn Hotte at the Vermilion Region Speaker Series on June 14. Photo Angela Mouly

Kathryn Hotte, delivered a range of marketing strategies as she was hosted by the Vermilion Region Speaker Series on June 14, at the Pomeroy Board Room.

The Town of Vermilion, County of Vermilion River, and Alberta Works sponsored the Rural Alberta Business Centre’s Small Business Advisor from Cold Lake, to share her expertise with the community; approximately 20 community and business representatives were in attendance.

Her suggestions included being prepared by profiling the people you want to meet, and always having business cards on you.

“You can network anywhere and everywhere; even the laundry-mat or grocery store,” said Hotte.

She reminded participants that how they look to others online is very important, and referenced the Jeff Bezos quote, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Hotte challenged participants to create an elevator pitch; a sentence or two highlighting their skills or what they do.

“Every time you communicate with someone, you are selling your brand. There is no one else like you in the world; use that,” said Hotte.

She went on to share a comical video that displayed different forms of communication, and she stated that 90 per cent of communication is listening. She suggested actively listening to improve understanding, allowing you to find out the other people’s needs as well as to build respect, openness and collaboration.

Hotte suggested participants work to build relationships rather than to sell products. She noted that especially in smaller communities, word of mouth advertising is the most effective form. She suggested exercising generosity and doing things for others without expecting anything in return, as well as following up within 24 hours after making connections.

“I didn’t have any upcoming networking events scheduled, and while at the Speaker Series was invited to attend a Rotary Breakfast - which could create a positive networking experience with many community and business representatives in the future,” said participant, Jodi Jones.

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