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Circus Lights Up Library

Upbeat music filled the Vermilion Public Library on July 6, as they hosted a Circus and Hula Hoop Show on behalf of Northern Lights Library System.

Circus Artist, Safire, with Indigo Circus from Calgary delighted the audience with her talents and professional ability to incorporate spinning up to five hula hoops at one time. Fancy light sticks had children in awe during her final performance, and both children and adults had the opportunity to try out some of the hula hoops.

“If you want to hula hoop the most important thing is keeping it on your back. The bigger the hoop, the easier it is. With anything in Circus, the key is to make sure that the edges of your lips are curled up,” said Safire.

Having performed for 11 years in 16 countries including tours in Europe and south east Asia, there was no doubt that Safire kept the audience entertained from beginning to end.

“I have a feeling hula hoops are going to be on our Christmas wish list this year,” said Danielle Eriksen.

“We want to be hula hoopers,” said Kalen and Bryar Garnett.

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