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Upcoming Knights Of The Northern Realm

Photo credit: Nicole Marie Photography Co.

A medieval tournament is scheduled to take place at the Vermilion Fair’s grandstand on July 29, at 3 p.m.

Complete with 14th century style clothing and armour, three members of the Knights Of The Northern Realm will perform living history marshal combat during the heavy horse hitch. Axes, daggers, flails, and spears will be weapons used throughout the tournament to display marshal prowess. The time-period, themed event is already sparking curiosity around town.

“I am thrilled just because it is new and exciting; something that I’ve never seen before. They are expected to be good entertainers for sure,” said Vermilion Agricultural Society President, Jay Sinclair.

The knights practice in the Edmonton area, and to fulfill the code of chivalry, regularly contribute to the community through a range of charity events.

With members having a range of careers and backgrounds, this group of knights began 16 years ago, and continues to host training classes for those interested.

Sir Thomas of Strathcona is passionately involved and said, “We are learning a lost art. I think there is a great reward from studying history. The glory of it all is to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and experiencing what people in the 14th century would have. Nothing beats wearing 65 lbs. of armour and fighting with skill in a tournament.”

Sir Thomas of Strathcona was knighted by Roger Moore, and mentioned having been in Vermilion in the past during his involvement with Destination Conservation. According to Sir Thomas of Strathcona, Destination Conservation was a program that worked through schools where he was able to interact with a lot of children in each community including the areas of Wainwright, Vermilion, and Lloydminster.

For more information, you can visit ‘Ad ID 253403846’ on Kijiji, or search ‘Knights of the Northern Realm’ on Facebook.

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