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Hockey Champs Return After 50 Years

Celebrating a 50 year reunion, the 1967 Vermilion Kinsmen Pontiacs - Midget Provincial Champions met in Vermilion on July 29.

Back Row: Ernie Semeniuk, Ernie Heinemann, Ken Woywitka, Ron Jones, Bernie Olsen, Don Brennan, and Bud Baddock (Manager).

Middle Row: Bob Miller, Ron Malin, Jim Williams, Lorne Wasylishen, Robert Farkash, and Robert MacPhee.

Front Row: Murray King, D'Arcy Donald, and Lyle Farkash.

Missing: Dean Manyluk, Ervin Strome, and the late Stan Manyluk. Photo Angela Mouly

The 1967 Vermilion Kinsmen Pontiacs - Midget Provincial Champions. Photo submitted

There were hugs all around as the 1967 Vermilion Kinsmen Pontiacs celebrated their 50-year reunion at the Pomeroy on July 29.

An original jersey, trophy, and blanket decorated the room, and team members were both thrilled and grateful to see so many of their friends. Manager Bud Baddock was in attendance and brought his championship jacket. Players had each received a similar corduroy jacket 50 years ago.

“It was my favourite jacket in my life; it’s like it was made for me,” said Lorne Wasylishen.

“There are a couple of guys closets I wouldn’t mind seeing because I know they would have taken good care of the old uniforms and jackets really well. In those days, they were made stylish for teams and sponsored by local companies. A lot of them were worn right out because they were so nice,” said Robert MacPhee.

Guests enjoyed refreshments while visiting throughout the evening, and cherished their time back in Vermilion. Reminiscing and exchanging their favourite memories brought a lot of excitement, and even a bit of emotion for some.

“Manager, Bud Baddock said, “I enjoyed working with the youth and being involved with hockey. The team all fit in well together - we all helped each other. They were all good players, and they’re all good boys.”

“What else besides hockey could you celebrate a 50-year reunion for?” asked team captain, Ron Jones, who had won the coach’s hat in 1967.

According to a scrapbook at the event, the late Stan Manyluk’s fedora was presented to Jones for acquiring the most scoring points during their championship game.

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