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Haying In The 30’s

Approximately 4,500 people attended the Haying In The 30’s event in Mallaig from August 5 – 6, fundraising $240,000 for victims of Cancer.

Volunteers suited in historical costumes manned different buildings to give demonstrations to visitors.

At the site there is a blacksmith shop, weaving shop, general store, saloon, North West Mounted Police station, and a CN station where visitors could learn Morse Code. New this year was a Hudson Bay Trading Post with artifacts and a trapper’s cabin.

This year’s event included a barber, pre-cut birdhouses, and field demonstrations of binding and thrashing as well as a horse-drawn baler. The elaborate show is run by a 14 member board and approximately 300 volunteers.

The crowd enjoyed a silent and live auction as well as the teamsters and their horses.

“It was amazing; very well organized. My children loved the homemade ice cream and bannock. I loved seeing the horses, plowing, harrowing, and harvesting. It was so nice to see all of the seniors doing the polka and two-step for hours on end. They also had a bazaar and live auction with all of the proceeds going directly to the families with cancer,” said Lorraine Kochan.

Aside from all of the historic activities, meals were a large hit with speedy service.

“For the August 5 supper, we fed 1,850 people in 58 minutes. Overall, this was the best event we’ve had in 18 years,” said President of the Haying In The 30’s Cancer Support Society, Martin Naundorf.

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