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Little Cowpokes Junior Rodeo

The Little Cowpokes Junior Rodeo Association held their third of five events at the Lakeland College Arena on August 9.

In the organization’s sixth year, little cowpokes aged 3 - 15 years old gathered to compete and have fun.

“We are very proud; the children have been trying so hard and have been having so much fun this year,” said Rebecca Fletcher.

Events included barrel racing, pole bending, goat tail untying, goat tying, break away, and team roping.This year, the club has approximately 80 members.

The Hobman family travelled from Paradise Valley to attend, and so far has loved their first year of being involved. Siblings Katie (14), Anna (7), and Lily (7) all competed.

“It teaches you life skills; not just how to work with horses, but how to work with people too,” said Katie Hobman.

For more information, you can search ‘Little Cowpokes Junior Rodeo Association’ on Facebook.

Photos Angela Mouly

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