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Justin Thompson Running For Council

Town Council Nominee, Justin Thompson. Photo submitted

Born and raised in Vermilion, Justin Thompson seized the opportunity to submit his nomination for Town Council on September 18.

Thompson brings his energy and technology sector experience to the table as well as various volunteer experiences. Thompson is the Lions Club Second-Vice President, a member of the Friends of Vermilion Public Library Board, and has coached U12 boys soccer.

“Politics has always been an interest of mine. It truly does make a difference to get out and take part in the community,” said Thompson who has realized in the past few years that things aren’t always as set in stone as they may seem.

Thompson is a member of the Constituency Association Boards both federally and provincially for this area. If elected, Thompson has an interest in joining the Economic Development Committee, Community Futures Lloydminster and Region Committee, and the Transportation and Utilities Committee due to his previous experience. He is also interested in the Library Board; and the Parks, Recreation and Culture Board.

“A big focus of mine is the attraction and retention of young families to Vermilion which is essential for its growth and sustainability.

Key parts of this would come from attracting businesses and entrepreneurs to provide job opportunities, as well as ensuring we have outstanding recreation opportunities and maintaining a sense of community spirit and pride,” said Thompson.

Thompson claims to be pragmatic yet principled and believes in maximizing resources, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and being compassionate. He also feels encouraging cooperation with different groups in the community will be essential.

“I think council should be taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive one; identifying problems and challenges before they become major concerns. A Town Council that understands the advantages and potential problems new technology presents is better able to provide the best possible services to its community members. Our Town should strive to make this as great of a place to live as possible but not if it leads to pricing out the less affluent in the area.

The biggest thing that I hope comes from my candidacy is that it helps the people in the community who are disenfranchised with the political process realize that they do have a voice; that their inputs are valuable and that it is possible to influence change in their environment just by getting involved and supporting the causes they believe in,” said Thompson.

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