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Town Council Nominee - Erwin Warkentin

Erwin Warkentin Photo Angela Mouly

Erin Warkentin submitted his nomination for Town Councilor on September 18, 2017.

Warkentin has been a resident in the region for the past seven years and has recently settled down in Vermilion after marrying his wife, a local resident and business owner.

A pilot by trade, Warkentin ran the flight school as the chief flight instructor and now operates as a freelance flight instructor.

As a prospective council member Warkentin would like to address developing the Vermilion airport.

“The airport is currently under appreciated. There is potential here,” stated Warkentin.

Warkentin is concerned about the empty buildings around town as well as older buildings and vacant lots. Whether mentoring or expanding, Warkentin would like to work with established local businesses to help expand business in Vermilion.

Warkentin posed the question, “If it is cost prohibitive for someone to move into a building, could we as a council alleviate some of those costs or make it marketable?”

Warkentin would like to create more community involvement to get more projects completed.

For more information you can contact Warkentin at or search ‘Erwin John Warkentin’ on Facebook.

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