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Clint McCullough Reruns For Council

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Clint McCullough has served on council for the Town of Vermilion for ten years and submitted his nomination to rerun on September 18.

McCullough volunteers with the Vermilion Soccer Association, high school volleyball, and the Vermilion Fire Department.

“I love being able to help enable future development for this community,” said McCullough of his involvement with Town Council.

McCullough brings experience as a market development officer for Lakeland College’s Emergency Training Centre; a career built on increasing business to the largest employer in the community.

“I have been on the ACE Water Board that brought great water to Vermilion as well as the Planning and Development Committee that has changed the face of Vermilion by opening new lands on which to build commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

I grew up living in a trailer until I was 12 years old, so bringing a new park to Pilkieville and the trailer park area really meant a lot to me,” said McCullough.

McCullough hopes to stay on the Parks, Recreation and Culture; Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association, Alberta Central East Water Corporation, and most of all the Planning and Development Committee.

According to McCullough, town council really needs to encourage new businesses to Vermilion which will include people looking to buy the new (and a few old) lots, plus keep local contractors busy.

As the Planning and Development Chair, McCullough really wanted to see the North Brennan Subdivision through to the initial startup, and is currently working to help encourage new businesses in Vermilion.

“I believe the impact I have on council is to bring a positive attitude, and the ability to look at ideas differently,” said McCullough.

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