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Richard Yaceyko Reruns For Council

Having served on council for 13 years, Richard Yaceyko submitted his nomination to rerun on September 18.

Raised in Derwent, Yaceyko has been a Vermilion resident for 33 years.

“I love that Vermilion has a real sense of community spirit. I find people friendly with time to talk on the street, and that people are committed to volunteering. It’s a community where you want to raise your children,” said Yaceyko who raised his four children in Vermilion.

“I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” he added.

During his time on council, Yaceyko has enjoyed being a part of planning for the Regional Centre, attaining commercial land along Hiway 16, bringing in regional water, and addressing doctor shortages.

“People were leaving for doctors and subsequently business outside the community,” said Yaceyko.

As the chair of the Transportation and Utilities Committee, Yaceyko appreciates the town employees who work to keep Vermilion ahead of other municipalities by slowly replacing water and sewer infrastructure underground, and implement the snow removal program which enables people to move around easier.

“As for the town’s approach to developing properties, I have had to change my outlook over time, and have seen that developments such as the ones next to the Provincial Park and South Brennan have been positive for the community,” said Yaceyko.

Moving forward, Yaceyko wants to continue developing positive relationships with other community groups, and help to balance priorities doing what is best for the community.

By continuing to work with the Vermilion District Housing Foundation Board, Yaceyko hopes to allow Vermilion seniors to stay in the community.

“For a lot of people, there is a certain quality of life here. Vermilion is home for me; it’s a community I want to help prosper and have others call it their home. If people have the facilities they will want to retire here; I want to retire here,” said Yaceyko.

According to Yaceyko, making sure the new sewer treatment plant is established is a priority in order to allow space for growth in Vermilion.

“We need to grow, but at a rate that is sustainable,” said Yaceyko.

Photo Angela Mouly

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