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Robert Pulyk Reruns for Council

Robert Pulyk has been on Town Council in Vermilion since 2010 and submitted his nomination to rerun on September 18.

Pulyk has been a Vermilion resident for 19 years with his wife Lorraine and their six children. His degree in Agriculture, major in Dairy Processing, University of Guelph along with completing the Management Development Program for the Public Service, University of Alberta School of Business along with his experience having been the Northeast Senior Manager for Alberta Agriculture contributes to his role on council.

Over the years Pulyk has had terms as the Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus, coached U10 – U16 soccer for the Vermilion Soccer Association, supported St. Jerome’s School and Soccer tournaments as a volunteer cook, and volunteered on the Economic Development Board for the Town of Vermilion.

“Being on Town Council has been great; it has allowed me the opportunity to use my management/people skills within council and in all of the committees I am involved. The best part is working with all of the committee community volunteers I am involved with especially at their community events,” said Pulyk.

During this recent council, Pulyk has enjoyed his presentation to the delegates at the Alberta Urban-Rural Municipality Association, addressing our communities concerns regarding the four contaminated ‘brown field’ areas within the town limits, working with committees Communities In Bloom, the Good Life Institute, Chairing the Environment Committee, participating with the Parks and Recreation Committee to redevelop the Skate Park, Outdoor Rink and Tennis Courts and representing the town at the Vimy Celebration.

“My great uncle died at Vimy Ridge; attending the celebration was very special for me,” said Pulyk.

Pulyk is excited about the possibility of beginning a new chapter with a new council. He is running on the theme: Dedicated, Determined and Dependable.

If elected, Pulyk will address a few challenges ahead for the community by focusing on the community’s need for senior level four care, use the recently created recreational master plan to address the need for structured and non - structured activities, and to make Alberta Works more accessible to Vermilion residents.

Vermilion does not currently have any senior level four care available. Consequently, this has caused family members to be separated from each other being sent to other communities that have the health care service they need. Pulyk will advocate for a needs assessment analysis to bring this issue to a head with Alberta Health.

As for recreation, short-term maintenance is okay, but long-term planning is required to address future recreational needs by working with all of the community groups and residents using the recreational master plan as a starting point.

“We are the only community in the province that had its Alberta Works doors close in the morning since 2013,” said Pulyk.

According to Pulyk, unemployment has increased in Vermilion since 2013, and he feels that residents deserve access to Alberta Works provincial programs during normal government working hours.

“Our residents requiring their services in the morning should not have to travel to Wainwright or Lloydminster. I will work with council to bring this concern to the Provincial Government to ensure that this issue is resolved quickly,” said Pulyk.

Pulyk is looking forward to becoming more active on council since his recent retirement, and seeking greater community engagement and regional collaboration.

“It is very rewarding when you know that you have had a small part in the whole process. I take great pride in representing the Town of Vermilion, and am thankful also to my family for the support of allowing me to do so,” said Pulyk.

Photo Angela Mouly

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