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Mannville Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast

Liam McKinnon enjoyed the Mannville Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast on October 7. Photos Angela Mouly

Approximately 120 people attended the Pancake Breakfast at the Mannville Fire Department on October 7.

Hosted for over 25 years, the breakfast continues to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy. Created by a past Fire Chief for a community member with the disorder, the crew continues to support the same cause and create fire prevention awareness. Overall, the community enjoyed the opportunity to get together and support the Fire Department.

“The Mannville Fire Department is community based, and we have seen a lot of dedication with several officers working over 30 years,” said Fire Chief Dez Shubert.

Shubert noted the importance of sharing fire prevention information.

“When it comes to emergencies or fire, the time frame on how quickly they can escalate is very little, so from a fire department perspective, it is important for people to understand the risk,” said Shubert.

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