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Jovial Night At Folk Club With Steve Poltz

The crowd was dazzled as the Vermilion Folk Club welcomed singer-songwriter, Steve Poltz, at the Vermilion Legion on October 21.

As he opened the show, Poltz noted that the cold weather in Alberta had strained his Taylor guitar that had been given to him by Bob Taylor, owner of Taylor Guitars. Sixteen years ago, Poltz had been given the opportunity to play at the National Association of Music Merchants. There, Taylor had suggested that Poltz pick one to play from his selection, and Poltz had chosen one not meant for advertisement, but he insisted. With him ever since-cracks and all, Poltz said, “It gets treated so mean and has never let me down.”

A mix of emotions rang through his lyrics as some songs were comical, and some heavier with a hopeful message. Topics varied from baseball, to animals, and himself; all full of experience.

Poltz has been playing music since he was six years old, and his craft is genuine.

“I love performing because it is always new; and it is fun,” said Poltz.

As the Legion was filled with applause, audience member, Dean Barr said, “It was a magical show; quite a joy to watch.”

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