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Lakeland College Open House

Vermilion’s Lakeland College held an Open House on October 20-21, hosting prospective students and their families to tour the grounds and find out more about their courses of interest.

First-year EST students, Brianna McMaster and Jesse Plamondon, led a tour of the Fire Training Centre on October 21. Prospective students were shown stations where they would learn how to be safe with chemicals, practice on a smoke tower or pumping skills, as well as a vehicle extrication. According to McMaster, an advantage of the Lakeland College Fire Training Centre is that they use a variety of training co-ops from industrial to commercial, as well as a lot of hands-on training and book learning.

Tours were provided for agricultural classes as well as some hands-on demonstrations given for different programs in the trades.

“It is neat to see everyone’s different talents and ideas come out when working with different students,” said CST Instructor, Don Speck, who assisted prospective students in building and finishing coat racks in the carpentry department on October 20.

“It has been so easy getting information that I was looking for. Seeing things first hand is a bonus instead of online,” said prospective student, Kamryn Dobson.

In the hopes of having current students, Lakeland College in Vermilion also hosted their 14th Annual Career Fair on October 20.

“We would like to thank participating companies for their ongoing support of Lakeland College,” said Student Employment Advisor, Leanne Griffiths who noted that many of the companies currently have Lakeland Alumni as staff.

My schooling prepared me for my current role. The Career Fair is a good way to market to young farmers and fill positions,” said

Lakeland College Crop Technology Alumni and current Stamp Seeds-Seed Sales, Seed Yard and Field Operations, Heather Stanko.

“It is nice to be confident in young people; keeping the industry viable,” said Foremost’s Ken Cikaluk.

Other employers noted that Lakeland College provides a well-rounded education and delivers prospective employees who are mouldable, bringing enthusiasm and experience to the appropriate industries.

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