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Members Sworn In At Town Council

Back row from left, Councillors Justin Thompson, Clint McCullough, Greg Barr, and Robert Pulyk.

Front row from left, Councillor Richard Yaceyko, Mayor Caroline McAuley, and Councillor Tannis Henderson during the Town of Vermilion’s organizational meeting on October 24. Photo Angela Mouly

New and incumbent members of the Vermilion Town Council were sworn in during an organizational meeting on October 24.

The singing of ‘Oh Canada’ was followed by Denise MacDonald administering the Oath of Office for Mayor-Caroline McAuley followed by councillors Greg Barr, Tannis Henderson, Clint McCullough, Robert Pulyk, Justin Thompson, and Richard Yaceyko.

“I think we have a lot of exciting decisions ahead to help shape our community for the next 10 – 20 years. I’m excited about the opportunities we have in the coming year including: the replacement of the sewer treatment plant, a potential new ice maker, as well as, economic development initiatives, tourist information plans, pool maintenance, a potential RCMP building, leveraging opportunities with the Provincial Park, and the extension of the Brennan subdivision. I want to congratulate you and welcome you,” said Mayor McAuley.

George Rogers, Town of Vermilion CAO, congratulated members on their election and guests included family and representation from community organizations such as Lakeland College, The Vermilion Chamber of Commerce, and the Vermilion Ministerial Association.

“This is a momentous occasion,” said guest, Terry Yaceko.

“It is extremely important to set the tone for how we are going to conduct ourselves as council members,” said Councillor Greg Barr.

Councillor McCullough suggested staying active on the TransCanada Yellowhead Association board, and said, “After 67 years, having a committee go down is pretty sad.”

Robert Pulyk suggested going back next year after economic development analyses it. A $2,000 cost is involved with staying on the committee.

“It’s hard to pinpoint the real value of it,” said Councillor Richard Yaceyko.

New council members expressed their thoughts during their first meeting of Town Council.

“This town continues to amaze me with how involved and interested people are in our local governance,” said Councillor Justin Thompson.

“I’m still humbled that people chose me to represent them. I think we have a great team going forward with a good combination of skills and personalities who will be able to accomplish a lot in the next four years,” said Councillor Tannis Henderson.

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