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Town Shop Grand Opening

From left, Councillor Greg Barr, Councillor Rob Pulyk, Town of Vermilion CAO George Rogers, Mayor Caroline McAuley, MLA Dr. Richard Starke, Councillor Justin Thompson, and Director of Transportation & Utilities Derek Young at the Grand Opening of the Town Shop

in Vermilion on November 17. Photos Angela Mouly

Dignitaries gathered at the new 10,000 square foot Town Shop located at 3904 – 52 Avenue to celebrate their Grand Opening on November 17.

Derek Young, Director of Transportation & Utilities, welcomed everyone and led a tour of the building. According to Young, the project was on budget at $1.2 million.

“The plan was to create a building to fit the towns need for the next 40+ years. I think we have accomplished that with a lot of space in the shop and office areas with room to add on in the future if necessary,” said Young.

The new Town Shop located at 3904 – 52 Avenue in Vermilion.

Toland Cochrane, DunDonald Homes Ltd. Contractor, was amazed at how much work it provided for local tradespeople and according to Cochrane, the build had over 100 different people working on it.

“With local tradespeople, the quality and service is exceptional, but often the crews are small. This build was able to utilize 90 percent local contractors, and with the economic climate it was huge,” said Cochrane.

“I’m ecstatic having a new place for the staff to work, and that we were able to use so many local contractors. I hope we will be able to continue to do so in the future. The efficiency and cost effectiveness of the building are impressive,” said Mayor, Caroline McAuley.

MLA Dr. Richard Starke was in attendance and noted that the Municipal Sustainable Initiative (MSI) Grant was intended for critical municipal infrastructure.

“You can rely on municipalities to be very good stewards of the funds they receive,” said Starke.

From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley, MLA Dr. Richard Starke, and Town of Vermilion CAO in the wash bay of the new Town Shop on November 17.

According to Young, the build was required because problems with the existing building would have gone forward even if a renovation had been done.

“We are thankful for the support from Town Council and the Province towards making a positive impact on the community,” said Young.

According to Councillor, Rob Pulyk, along with funds saved from the Town over the past few years in reserves, the MSI funding covered 100 percent of the cost so the impact on the tax payer was $0.

“The building was well designed and is a very smart piece of work. The card access entry data will serve as technology and information allowing us to keep track of who’s coming and going for safety reasons. The facility will serve as a back-up emergency location for the town office. It is very well insulated and there is better air exchange which will be healthier for the staff,” said George Rogers, Town of Vermilion CAO.

According to McAuley, the town staff are looking forward to hosting their Christmas Potluck at the new Town Shop, bringing the office staff and shop staff together in a more inclusive relationship. She also noted that the new facility will not only provide more functional room for equipment storage, but be equip to serve as a space for hosting meetings and training sessions.

According to Director of Transportation & Utilities, Derek Young, the new shop is equip with enough space and doors to house equipment properly.

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