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‘Tree To Our Nature’ Canada 150 Legacy Program

Back row from left, MLA Dr. Richard Starke, Kevin John, and Mayor Caroline McAuley.

Front row from left, Jared Fehr, Lakeland College CEO Alice Wainwright-Stewart, and Tree Canada’s Rebecca Taylor and Sheila Flint.

Photo Angela Mouly

Community members and dignitaries gathered at the Vermilion Regional Centre on November 25, to celebrate the ‘Tree To Our Nature’ Canada 150 Legacy Program.

On October 11, 70 trees and shrubs were planted adjacent to Lakeland College and the Vermilion Regional Centre. Species included tamarack, “Smokey” Saskatoon, lodgepole pine, “Herbert” paper birch, trembling aspen, big sagebrush, limber pine, mountain alder, and red osier dogwood.

Lakeland College’s Indigenous representative, Kevin John, noted that many of the plants are native to the area and hold medicinal properties, and shered his feelings on Vermilion being among the best places in Canada.

“As a reconciliation project, we extend an arm of compassion and hope that peace is brought through love, respect, and unity,” said John.

A grant of nearly $5,000 was received from Tree Canada to complete the project, and a plaque was donated by CN. Environment Committee member, Jared Fehr, noted that many people were involved and was thankful for so many volunteers and their talents.

According to Rebecca Taylor from Tree Canada, they have planted 82 million trees across the country since 1982.

“It’s an honour to be here commemorating a legacy project. It wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the community,” said Alice Wainwright-Stewart, Lakeland College President and CEO.

MLA Richard Starke said, “Canada is a nation that values nature, as seen in the flag and the second verse of the national anthem. This garden of trees will be a valuable symbol. Planting trees is essentially a visionary gift. Congratulations on being one of the 17 Alberta communities who participated.”

Guests enjoyed visiting and refreshments and visiting after the ceremony.

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