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Matt Patershuk Swoons Vermilion Folk Club

From left, ‘The Straight Arrows’ members; drummer Scott Ebener, guitarist Chris Tabbert, bassist Keith Rempel; and Matt Patershuk at the

Vermilion Folk Club on December 16. Photo Angela Mouly

Matt Patershuk’s voice had just enough grit and tenderness to put listeners at ease when he was hosted by the Vermilion Folk Club on December 16, at the Elk’s Hall.

The Straight Arrows were a perfect compliment, accompanying him with talented solos and a similar ease of ability. According to the roots artist, his new album, ‘Same As I Have Ever Been,’ is packed with a fitting compilation of country, blues, R & B, and Celtic creations.

After losing his sister, Clare Patershuk, to a drunk driver a few years ago, Patershuk feels he is a changed person but appreciates having found the things about himself that are fundamentally the same.

“I think writing is a way to figure things out and performing brings unbridled joy; so it’s kind of like two sides of the same coin. The title track, written to my daughters, expresses that we all go through changes and get knocked off balance, but hopefully, we have a center nature that we can return to,” said Patershuk who feels that he is getting closer to his.

According to Patershuk, he had avoided performing before his 30’s due to stage fright, but his genuine interludes and stylish performance left no evidence of this. Originality, truth, and sarcasm are all portrayed in his lyrics and were easily related to by the crowd.

“Matt Patershuk is an amazing talent! We would like to thank the Alberta Foundation for the Arts because they make live music happen in Alberta,” said Rod MacMillan.

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