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United Conservative Party AGM

From left, UCP executive members Todd Hames-Past President, Ben Acquaye- V.P. Communications, Bob Nielsen-President, Brian Cook- CFO, Justin Thompson- V.P. Membership, Doreen McRobert-V.P. Fundraising, Jerry Barber- V.P. Policy, and Kevin -V.P. Youth. Photo Angela Mouly

The United Conservative Party held a founding AGM for the Vermilion-Lloydminster Constituency in the Vermilion Public Library basement on February 8.

Kalee Kent, Constituency Development Coordinator was in attendance as well as MLA’s Wes Taylor and Dave Hanson.

Constituency members nominated 30 directors to represent the board. Names included some from outside the current riding in order to prepare for the constituency boundary change with the coming election. Names included Brian McCook, Todd hames, Doug Stewart, Justin Thompson, Kevin Spahich, Doreen McRobert, Garth Rowswell, Bob Nielsen, Gord Tetz, Allan Belsheim, Maxine Sweeney, Melissa Guenthner-Snelgrove, Gary Moses, Drew Lake, Aron Klassen, Jerry Barber, Clive Switzer, Blake Prior, Lee Cooper, Kellen Snelgrove, Ben Acquaye, Kyle Yarmuch, Terry Murray, Jeff Kerr, Terri Cooper, Ron Plett, Deanna Byard, Eileen Taylor, and Dorothy Switzer.

“I believe we’ve got a good 30 names going forward, and I look forward to having everyone interact and participate in this party,” said Todd Hames.

Following the first AGM, the first board meeting took place to elect to the executive members. Members enjoyed refreshments while directors delegated the executives.

Elected as executive members were Todd Hames as Past President, Ben Acquaye as V.P. Communications, Bob Nielsen as President, Brian Cook as CFO, Justin Thompson as V.P. Membership, Doreen McRobert as V.P. Fundraising, Jerry Barber as V.P. Policy, and Kevin Spahich as V.P. Youth.

According to Kalee Kent, the Party currently has 108,000 members since the unity of the two legacy parties. Regional meetings will take place between March 24, and April 21.

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