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Alison Jackson Racing Around The World

Vermilion’s Alison Jackson, prepares for European races with her team in the USA. Photo credit: Alex Jackson

Vermilion’s Alison Jackson prepares to fly to Europe where she will compete in several Women's World Tour races with her new team, TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank.

Jackson spent January racing in Australia, and February with a training camp in California and racing in Arizona. From March-May, Jackson will compete in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, China, and the USA.

“A race I want to target this year is the Canadian National Championships at the end of June in Saugenay, QC. The winner of the Canadian National Championships gets the honour of a special kit (race suit) with the maple leaf on it to wear for the whole year to represent this great accomplishment,” said Jackson.

Jackson believes strongly in hard work, which is something she acquired from her background in agriculture and rural living. She also believes that a good attitude goes a long way and that it’s important to balance hard work with having fun.

According to, Jackson enjoys yoga, learning dance choreography, knitting, reading books, and disappearing into the woods during her downtime.

Last year, Jackson raced full time in Italy, but this year is racing for an American team and will be coming back between races.

“I am excited to use my European experience to kick-butt at these races and then have the benefit of downtime with my family in between,” said Jackson.

You can follow Alison’s progress @teamTIBCO on Twitter, or @TeamTIBCO on Facebook.

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