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CFCW Critters Take On The Rusty Musty’s

The CFCW Critters with guest player Brenton Romanchuk, and the Rusty Musty's with guest players MLA Dr. Richard Starke

and County of Vermilion River Councillor Leslie Cusack.

Excitement filled the Dewberry Arena as the Dewberry and District Agricultural Society hosted a fundraising hockey game featuring the CFCW Critters and the Rusty Musty’s on February 22.

With the Critters mascot playing in uniform and several antics up their sleeves, the Critters roused the crowd and won the game. Much like the Harlem Globetrotters in basketball, the entertainment provided was a hit with the audience and according to, over $10,000 and a government grant was raised to support the Dewberry Arena Project.

The Critters had been the arena’s first fundraiser in 2012 and wanted to come back and see the finished building. A newly formed alumni team (the Rusty Musty’s) were up for the challenge and added guest players MLA Dr. Richard Starke and County of Vermilion River Councillor Leslie Cusack to their roster.

“To have the Critters back was pretty special. The game provided an all-star match up like you’ve never seen! The game got a little 'rough' at one point and every player from the Musty’s team ended up in the penalty box! The Critters popped five in the net as the Musty’s failed on the penalty kill! The Musty’s handed out some punishment of their own when the Critter was restrained and 'put under' at center ice while veterinarian Dr. Starke performed a procedure to eliminate some of the Critter’s fight!” said Holly Holmen, Building Project Coordinator and Dewberry and District Agricultural Society Secretary.

Brenton Romanchuk, a minor hockey member, played as a guest on the Critters team and was part of a three generational game with his dad (Brad Romanchuk) and grandfather (Brent Romanchuk) playing for the Rusty Musty’s.

Brent Romanchuk won a 50/50 of $560 and chose to donate the money back to the arena project, Allan & Frances Stone won a Texas Mickey draw, Presly Bensmiller won a Chromebook in a free student draw, and several raffle prizes were also distributed.

“All in all - a great night. We’re thankful to the community for their continued support,” said Holmen.

The Critter mascot keeps control of the puck with the help of a trusty string in Dewberry on February 22. Photos Angela Mouly

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