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Town Council

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Town council met on February 20 to discuss several items on the agenda.

The pavement reconstruction project on 56 Street from 52 Avenue to Park Drive was discussed. The property owners’ contribution for went from $406 per meter in the budget to $202.50 per meter actual cost. Total contributions are based on the frontage of the property and range from $4,179 - $15,709. This can either be paid in full within 30 days or over ten years within the property owners taxes.

The infill policy time frame has changed from 12 months to now allow 24 months from the demolition of a building until the commencement of new construction.

The Town of Vermilion will install a trail camera at the airport to monitor traffic to help keep tabs on how much traffic the airport is currently getting.

A Local to Global Forum will be held at the Regional Centre on March 7-9. The topics discussed will include transportation, broadband, renewable energy, agriculture and economic development.

Included in the forum, the Vermilion River Regional Alliance will host a session open to the public surrounding cannabis in the region at 7 p.m. on March 8. Several discussions about cannabis in our region will be presented by Andy Ridge, executive director of policy for the Alberta Government’s cannabis secretariat, Les Hagen, consulting director of Wellness Alberta and executive director of action on smoking & health, and Lorelee Marin, health promotion facilitator for Alberta Health Services addictions and mental health.

The Good Life Institute is excited about the upcoming Race of Vermilion, with 40 teams of four competing along two different routes. They have also implemented new summer programs in addition to the summer fun program. These youth programs include dancing, sewing, swimming, pottery and camping activities. There will also be another event added to the Good Life Institute’s roster in 2019 called ‘Love from around the World’. This event will take place on February 8, 2019, with the theme being Passions of France.

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