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The Race Of Vermilion

Team ‘Mama Tried’ from Lloydminster after successfully completing the Axe Throwing challenge during The Race Of Vermilion on March 17. Photos Angela Mouly

More than luck was needed for 40 teams to complete mental and physical challenges during the Race of Vermilion on March 17.

One hundred and sixty competitors from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan worked in teams of four throughout the day, attempting to be the first ones to complete one of two circuits that each had 20 challenges and 10 detours. Along the way participants faced many things they had never done before, which for some included playing Rock Band, and rowing 1,000 stokes on a rowing machine while team members assembled boat pieces all within 15 minutes. As time wore on, a few shenanigans took place in the hopes of slowing other teams down, but overall a lot of laughter was shared by all.

The event was hosted by The Good Life Institute, and several race prizes were also awarded, but bragging rights were the biggest pot of gold.

Winners of the Red circuit were Team ‘Vedmilion’ who travelled from Edmonton but had two members originally from Vermilion. During their first attempt at The Race of Vermilion, Matt and Josh Hodgson along with Alex Dupree and Brent Majcher enjoyed trying pottery and archery for the first time and said, “It was challenging and a lot of fun! It was really well organized.”

Winners of the grey circuit were Team ‘Dicke and Balls’ with members Brenda Hager nee Dicke, Mark Hager, Phil Tovell, and Branden Smart. They were thankful to The Good Life Institute and enjoyed ballet dancing and Kinect Physiotherapy’s escape room.

In a head-to-head challenge for the ultimate title, these two teams faced off listing in order their previous challenges, as well as straw, balloon, and elastic band tasks. Winners of the 2018 Race of Vermilion were Team ‘Dicke and Balls’.

“A huge thank you to all of the businesses and volunteers; everyone was a huge help, and we couldn’t have done it without you!” said Coordinator, Candice Anderson.

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