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Mannville - "It Can't Happen to Me"

Mannville-Minburn-Innisfree Family and Community Support Services (MMIFCSS) hosted their 20th Annual “It Can’t Happen To Me” mock motor vehicle collision in Mannville on April 25. Several area students, staff, and community members looked on with horror as fellow students, and emergency crews worked together to enact a roll-over at the Mannville School. “’It Can’t Happen To Me’ aims to connect attendees with people in the community that can help, and encourage people to avoid the risks of texting, drinking, or using drugs while driving,” said Jannette Riedel, Director of MMIFCSS. Zane Polishuk, Mannville School teacher and volunteer firefighter in Mannville gave a detailed account of the mock motor vehicle collision as it unfolded and said, “Often we don’t know how many patients are involved as a passing driver will call it in and then leave the scene. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the patients who may be underneath other vehicles, and we use thermal imaging cameras to scan the ditches. Both victims and department members can suffer from sleep disorders or post-traumatic stress symptoms following an emergency situation. In a small town there is a good chance that we know you, and with graduation season approaching, I cringe every time I hear the radio go off.” Several presentations were also given at the Mannville Elk’s Hall including that of an emergency room, RCMP, Battle River Victim Services, Physiotherapy, Lakeland Funeral Home, and Alberta Health Services – Community Addictions and Mental Health in partnership with FSL and VIBE. Presentations also included role-playing and an ambulance presentation at the Mannville Fire Hall along with a lunch provided by the Mannville Village Council. “During the past 20 years, 900 students have experienced this project. Having 25 volunteers each year multiplied by 20 years equals 4,000 hours of volunteer service,” said Riedel. Riedel thanked students for taking part, as well as the community partners for their support, and everyone took a moment to listen to the song, “It Can’t Happen To Me,” by Charlie Major. Overall, a powerful impact was made, and students were able to examine their social responsibility and impact of their potential actions.

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