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Vermilion Pottery Guild Spring Event

It was during a warm spring day that the Vermilion Pottery Guild held their first Family Event-Spring and Sale in conjunction with the Vermilion Heritage Park Community Oven Cinnamon Bun Sale at the Vermilion Heritage Park on May 12. Throughout the day guests had the opportunity to purchase a tile from the Vermilion Pottery Guild for $10 and paint it to their liking. The attending Guild members collected the tile from each attendee for glazing and firing, and the tile would then be available to be picked up on May 22. The main goal of the event was to raise enough money for some new pottery wheels for the Guild, but it was also just an attempt to bring families together for a day. “The event has gone over well, and we’re hoping to make it an annual thing,” says Guild member Kerry Zachar, who also stated that they were hoping to highlight some of the groups and amenities in town that some people may not realize exists. President of the Vermilion Pottery Guild Heather Millan said, “This day is for anybody. One grown woman was painting a tile for her mother. It’s not just a mother and child day; it’s a family day.” Vermilion Heritage Park Community Oven members Craig and Bonita Brown along with Tolland and Tannis Cochrane spent the day baking cinnamon buns to raise money for continued improvements to the Community Oven, such as landscaping. The Vermilion Heritage Park Community Oven committee was hoping to promote the general use of the oven. “The oven is open on Monday evenings during the summer months except for long weekends, starting at 6 p.m., and community residents can bring items to have cooked in the oven free of charge. Every Monday is an adventure. It almost turns into a potluck; lots of people will share what they’ve brought,” said Craig Brown. Brown added that the Community Oven can be rented through the Senior’s Centre and to watch the sign by the oven and their Facebook page for announcements.

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