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Barrel Racing Clinic At Little Cowpokes

The rain outside didn’t seem to put a damper on the moods of the girls participating in a Barrel Racing clinic on Thursday, May 17. The clinic is held yearly by the Cowpokes Association, and one of 10 taught by Rebecca Beebe, who comes from Islay, Alberta. The four girls that participated in the clinic had the opportunity to practice some slow work, mostly learning the barrel pattern and controlling their horse, but they also made some lifelong friends according to Beebe. “I love it. This is a great group of kids, and they’re anxious to learn. Every clinic is an adventure and a chance to learn something new,” says Beebe when asked if she enjoys teaching youth about riding and barrel racing. With the girls coming from Wainwright, Hayter, and even Saskatoon, the Barrel Racing clinic was a great kickoff to the summer rodeo season. July 1 – 2 is the first full rodeo in Vermilion, and another will come July 24, but for now, the girls just focussed on practicing their riding and having fun. The clinic was held at the Equine Centre at Lakeland College, and Beebe says, “We’re so grateful to be able to use the facility. It’s awesome that we’re able to ride no matter what the weather is like outside.”

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