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Vermilion River Flying Club Hosts VES Grade 6

Students were elated to learn firsthand about aviation as they were hosted by members of the Vermilion River Flying Club (VRFC) at the Vermilion Airport on May 29. The Vermilion Elementary School’s (VES) Grade 6 students had been studying a flight unit and seized the opportunity to enhance their knowledge during this visit. VRFC member, Erwin Warkentin described pilot roles, and children asked what different parts of the aircraft were. Warkentin said that at a minimum the aircraft goes through inspection once per year, with commercial aircraft being more often. He noted that the students might see low flying pipeline patrols or crop dusters in the area. “We love aviation and sharing that love with others,” said Warkentin. Children enjoyed looking and sitting inside the planes and were given the opportunity to adjust controls for the lights, flaps, ailerons, and rudder. “I learned a lot that I didn’t already know. It was quite enjoyable, and I am really glad we went because it is better learning first hand than from pictures,” said student, Lexxus Lafoy. According to teacher, Stephanie Groat, the opportunity is something they will definitely continue to do in the future. Vermilion River Flying Club members Shawn Jacula, Jim Bristowe, Erwin Warkentin, and Rick Bozack said that the 52 students were a great group, and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with them. “I really want to fly a plane now,” said student, Lily Smith.

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