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‘Here’s To Us’ - J.R. Robson Grad

J. R. Robson Graduating Class of 2018. Photo credit: Dragon Hare Studios

The J.R. Robson School’s graduating class of 2018 were joined by staff, dignitaries, and their families to celebrate their graduation at the Vermilion Regional Centre on June 29. Dressed in their finest, students were presented certificates by Principal Lindsey Bates, and Assistant Principal Kelly Scully. MLA Dr. Richard Starke congratulated the students on their milestone achievement and said, “Take a moment to celebrate what you have achieved, but learning is ongoing. When you were young, ‘Why’ is probably the question you asked most. Mark Twain said ‘The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.’ You don’t have to know what the answer is yet, and your ‘why’ can change. It is what gives your life clarity and purpose. Go looking for your ‘why’. Congratulations on behalf of the Alberta Legislature and the Vermilion-Lloydminster Constituency.” Mayor, Caroline McAuley, encouraged the graduates to explore and experience new things; and School Board Trustee, Bruce Marriott congratulated them as well. Deputy Superintendent, Michelle Webb, said, “This is the beginning of whatever you choose. Whatever future you choose, I hope it brings you joy, inspires you, and positively impacts those around you.” Students thanked teachers for their support throughout the years, and in his Valedictorian Address, Tanner Shaw said, “We have spent 2,361 days in school, that’s 12,816 hours spent in a classroom. We learned our ABC’s 123’s and how to play nice. However, it was the lessons we learned outside the classroom that we will remember the most. No matter where we end up in the future, I know we’ll always remember our time at J.R. Robson.”

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