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Cornerstone Co-Op Continues To Invest With Plans To Open Pharmacy & Home Health Centre In Vermil

Photo St. Paul Co-op

Co-op has a long-standing tradition of investing in communities where were live, work, and play, and today, Cornerstone Co-op announces exciting plans to continue to grow and add value in the community of Vermilion by adding a new location for our member- owners to benefit from.

Plans are underway to open a Co-op Pharmacy & Home Health Centre later this fall. This Centre will be located on the main floor of Cornerstone Administration Office located at 5008 51st Avenue in Vermilion, across the street from our Food Store which has remained vacant since the building was built in 2016.

“The decision to open this Pharmacy & Home Health Centre is aligned with our Mission statement, to provide Outstanding Co-op Experiences that Connects our Members, Communities and Employees. We are excited for this opportunity of sustainable

success and adding value, services and personalized experiences for our local owners” mentions Cliff Martin, President of the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Co-op.

“Besides pharmacy, and over the counter medication and related items, we are focusing on Home Health, Assisted Living lines and patient care programs. “says Mike Senger, Division Manager, Cornerstone Co-op.

Kory Kralkay, Operations Manager, Cornerstone Co-op elaborates, “We plan to recruit soon, starting with the Manager’s position, and then the rest of the positions including a Home Health Consultant. We anticipate that this Centre will employ up to six additional Co-op Team members and Leaders. During construction, we will work with local contractors and trades people to build this facility.”

“With the on-going support of our owners, we are pleased and excited that we can continue to grow our Co-op through our personalized services and world class facilities “states Graham Getz, General Manager, Cornerstone Co-op.

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