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Bishops Visit Anglican Church Booth At Vermilion Fair

From left, Edmonton Diocese Bishop Jane Alexander, Buye Diocese Bishop Sixburt Macumi and his wife Clotilde, Mayor Caroline McAuley, and Rector of St. Savior’s Anglican Church Elizabeth Metcalfe. Photo Angela Mouly

The St. Savior’s Anglican Church in Vermilion was thrilled to host Bishop Sixburt Macumi from Berundi, Africa, his wife Clotilde, and the Right Reverend Jane Alexander-Bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton on July 27. The two bishops had met ten years ago at a conference in London and have maintained a prayer support relationship between their two congregations. “The Anglican Church is a worldwide communion made up of national churches, provinces, and diocese. There are approximately 50 congregations and 70 priests in the Edmonton Diocese including Vermilion,” said Reverend Elizabeth Metcalfe. The group had travelled to Cold Lake on their way here experiencing their first Saskatoon picking and quad riding. “It’s really great to be able to showcase rural areas, and especially during the fair. This allows our guests to compare rural life in Alberta to rural life in Berundi. Often during visits, time limitations don’t allow these excursions,” said Reverend Elizabeth Metcalfe. At the St. Savior’s Anglican Church Booth at the Vermilion Fair, the group was able to taste Saskatoon pie for the first time and enjoyed looking at the animals and large-scale farm machinery (which was very different from what they were used to). “They’ve been very impressed by how the churches here are involved with the community,” said Right Reverend Jane Alexander. “Delicious!” said Bishop Sixburt Macumi of the pie.

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