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Cannabis Open House And Town Council

A larger than normal crowd appeared to express concerns during the Cannabis Open House and Town Council meeting on July 17. Bylaws for Smoking and Vaping as well as Cannabis Regulation and Control were discussed. Mayor, Caroline McAuley said, “The bulk of guests expressed concerns regarding that they don’t want our community to become a cannabis hotspot and that they don’t want cannabis to be what Vermilion is known for. Council later addressed these concerns by looking at putting setbacks between cannabis stores creating some separation.” Council passed the second reading of the Cannabis Regulation and Control Bylaw, and the first reading of the Smoking and Vaping Bylaw. To read the full details of each one, you can visit http://vermilion.ca/local-government/bylaws/. “Regarding smoking and vaping, council especially spoke to the bylaw’s purposes, looking at health and safety for children and families. Second and third reading of this bylaw will be given on August 22. We certainly invite people to provide feedback through the Town Office and wanted to give plenty of time for residents to do so. We want to make sure things are in order and don’t want to pull back after it goes through,” said McAuley. Another highlight of the meeting included recognition being given to local volunteer firefighters for over 20 years of service. The same members had received recognition from the Lieutenant Governor in May, and the presentation on July 17 acknowledged their service in Vermilion. For example, Vermilion Fire Chief, Bill Roth, was recognized for 32 years of service. Council also noted how successful the Canada Day celebrations were, and mentioned that next year, the Taste of Vermilion will be hosted at the Vermilion Agricultural Grounds to accommodate parking and vendor accessibility.

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