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Cornerstone Craig’s Opens First Two Retail Locations

Left: From left, Patti Segboer, and Dianne Carlson at Vermilion Jewellers’ new location at Craig’s Cornerstone on 50th Avenue in Vermilion.

Middle: Ladies clothing at Uniquely U Styles includes a variety of styles and accessories.

Right: A large selection of giftware is available at Uniquely U Styles in Vermilion.

Big smiles from staff welcomed customers as Uniquely U Styles and Vermilion Jewellers opened their doors for business at Craig’s Cornerstone on 50th Avenue in Vermilion on July 23. People were eager to see the historic, renovated buildings and all of the new products, and received added information on the transformation process from part-owner and local contractor, Toland Cochrane. “The buildings have a lot of character; that’s for sure!” said part-owner, Tannis Cochrane. Local contractors for the Craig’s cornerstone project included Toma Fine Floors, DunDonald Homes Ltd., Scotlen Electric, Ken Schira Drywall and Stucco, Modern Edge Painting, Martin Plumbing & Heating, and eQuip-U Technology Solutions Ltd. Visitors eyed the large selection of jewellery, ladies wear, footwear and handbags, as well as giftware, and went on to enjoy complimentary cinnamon buns and muffins provided by Something Sweet in Mannville, and coffee provided by The Red Brick in Vermilion. “I’m overwhelmed and very excited. I like the setup, and hopefully, it’s an asset to Vermilion. I’m happy and overjoyed!” said Linda Boychuk, of the new location for Uniquely U Styles. “It’s amazing! The support from all of the townspeople and out of town people was amazing. We are thankful for all of the people that helped; we couldn’t have asked for more,” said part-owner, Rita Elliot. In addition, the new Cornerstone Craig’s businesses advertised that MACK (Modern Age Clothing for Kids) would be opening on August 7.

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