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MACK Clothing – Now Open

MACK (Modern Aged Clothing for Kids) opened for business in the Craig’s Cornerstone building at 5003-50th Avenue in Vermilion on August 7. The steady stream of customers throughout the day were eager to check out the new option for children’s clothing and accessories. The store offers a large selection of clothing brands as well as seasonal, swimwear, pajamas, footwear and accessories targeted for ages 0 - 16. Owner, Paige Jaremco said, “I went to college to work with children and have always loved it. It is so fun to dress children! For instance, with some of the brands I’m bringing in, there will be opportunities for adults to match their children, with other businesses in town carrying the adult sizes. My dad worked at Craig’s for 56 years, so it is sentimental to be here.” Paige said that her hope is that along with the other Craig’s Cornerstone businesses that if everyone can get everything they need here, that there will be no need to go outside Vermilion and the community can continue to progress with keeping it local. Paige committed to the idea of owning a children’s clothing store in January and began buying product in March. She noted that MACK name originated from the initials of her four children; Mya, Autumn, Carter, and Kira. “I’ve lived in Vermilion all of my life, and I’m excited to serve the community. I’m thankful for the support so far, and look forward to seeing everyone,” said Jaremco. MACK Clothing is in a temporary location as renovations for the east portion of the building (the old menswear side of the original Craig’s building) are expected to be complete in January or February. Overall customers enjoyed browsing what the store had to offer and visited over coffee provided by the Red Brick and celebrating with cupcakes.

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