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Back To School

Children leaped off the bus with excitement for their first day of school in Vermilion on September 4. At Vermilion Elementary School, Principal Calvin Anhorn and Vice Principal Sheila Doherty enjoyed welcoming everyone. “This is my favourite day of the year!” said Doherty. According to Principal, Allan Chase, the first day of school at St. Jerome’s was also very exciting. He explained that leadership students had already been in decorating and preparing activities. Thus, on the first day, every child, parent and staff member was greeted by leadership students with a warm welcome, a snack and a helping hand for anyone who needed it. “The children were all excited to see their friends and maybe finally wear those clothes that have been waiting on the dresser. They were excited to see who was in their class, who their teacher was and if there were any new students in their class. Staff members were just as excited to see the children that they haven’t seen for two months and get back to classes, leadership activities, and coaching sports. Being a teacher and working in a school is truly a gift in that you get to see children at their very best, we get to be around the most energetic group of people that exists! We get to see them grow from pre-school to adults and it is a lot of fun to be a part of that process,” said Chase.

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